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Image by Scott Warman

Santé means Cheers in French! 

At Sante Vins Limited, we aim to connect people with wine. Based in Asia’s wine hub - Hong Kong,  Sante Vins Limited sells online 24/7 and brings to you unique and remarkable wines that are of superb value. Our team has extensive industry experiences and solid relationship with distributors, therefore, we could guarantee great prices and utmost quality. All wines matter. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions about wines. We will do our best!

We believe wine is made for sharing. No matter you are buying or sharing a story, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback matters. We will also bring to you eccentric wines that stimulate a good conversation or a lively debate! We are passionate about wines and couldn’t wait to share our knowledge with you. We wish you a fantastic shopping experience at our site. 


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