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The Starting Point 源點 Syrah 2019

Both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation were carried out spontaneously with only natural yeast, no other additives, including sulfur dioxide, were added during the entire winemaking process.


After more than 20 days of alcoholic fermentation, with only gentle pumping over every day, we aim to extract elegant tannins.After the fermentation is completed, the wine is clarified through natural sedimentation and racking. Because natural wines are more sensitive to oxygen, we keep maturation in oak barrels under 6 month, followed by 20 months in bottles before release.

The oldest vineyards of the The Starting Point date back to 1997, when it started reclaiming and cultivating the sandy soil and growing wine grapes. It is one of the pioneers in the Ningxia wine industry.The Chinese name of the winery is composed of two Chinese characters - “源” and “点”. The triple dots on the left of “源” symbolize the Yellow River, which is the water source for the vineyards in Ningxia and cultivated the civilization and culture of the region for thousands of years. The four dots at the bottom of “点” symbolize the lofty Helan Mountain.

The Starting Point 源點 Syrah 2019

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